The Basin Blueprint

The blueprint for the Yarkon Basin produces a basin-wide vision for the advancement of the Yarkon River area based on all the hydrological, ecological and environmental aspects and in proper combination with human activities to turn the basin into an environmental, urban and regional border crossing space.

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The sub-purposes defined in the plan:

  1. Safeguarding the hydrological balance and natural resources

  2. Safeguarding the components of the ecological and environmental system
  3. Improving the quality of life- well being- and creating leisure and recreation centers
  4. Conserving and developing heritage sites, scenic culture and tourism
  5. Conserving and developing agricultural areas and rural culture
  6. Actualizing economic potential
  7. Presenting future scenarios
  8. Intensive inclusion of government offices, municipalities, regional councils and persons of interest
  9. Creating an infrastructure for basin-wide management

The basin-wide plan includes 3 parts-

The basin-wide plan chapter: Includes methodology for promoting and managing the components of the drainage basin and planning guidelines.

Chapters a-h: Thematic chapters: hydrology, ecology, history and heritage, economy and legislature.

Future plans and projects: Suggestions for programs and projects in different ranks of priority for further advancement and development of the Yarkon Basin.

The Yarkon River Authority works together with its partners to promote the recommendations and guidelines of the blueprint and the implementation of the principles of the plan in the ongoing activities of the River Authority and in unique projects that are promoted.

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