Sampling the Water Quality

The Yarkon River Authority conducts regular sampling of the different river sections according to the protocol for monitoring the quality of water for boating in the Yarkon River.

This procedure refers to the quality of water in the Yarkon only in the context of monitoring boating. It is based on testing of microbial criteria determined by an interoffice panel of scientific experts which has discussed this issue and turned in its findings (further specification in the link below the sample results). The principles of this procedure are based on the Ministry of Health’s sampling procedures in regards to bathing and recreation beaches as well as sampling and monitoring practices in rivers, beaches and around sewage egresses.

The monitoring work is accompanied by regular survey patrols along the entire section in which boating takes place and regular communication with relevant factors (municipal and others). The survey focuses on the sewage egresses and other potential sources of pollution.

בהתאם לנתוני איכות המים בקטע המלוח של נחל הירקון ובהמלצת המשרד להגנת הסביבה, הרינו להודיעכם כי איכות המים לא מתאימה לשייט זאת עד להודעה חדשה.


Current sampling 02.10.2022

Seven mills ---
Ayalon 620
Namir 1,600
Brandeis ---
Ibn Gvirol Bridge 910
Marine center 500
Rokach Bridge 240
Waqf Bridge ---

Last sampling 04.09.2022

Seven mills ---
Ayalon 1,800
Namir 1,400
Brandeis ---
Ibn Gvirol Bridge 680
Marine center 570
Rokach Bridge 42,000
Waqf Bridge ---

Sampling - same period last year 19.09.2020

Seven mills 1200
Ayalon ---
Namir 780
Brandeis ----
Ibn Gvirol Bridge 10000
Marine center 12000
Rokach Bridge 80
Waqf Bridge ---

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