Yarkon Redemption

The “Nahal Hayarkon Rehabilitation Project” plan, which was approved by the Yarkon River Authority Council at its meeting on October 17, 2001, according to its authority and functions deriving from the Rivers and Springs Authority Act, 1965, formed the basis for the government’s decision regarding the “Yarkon Redemption” plan.

The objective of the “Yarkon Redemption” plan is the development of a project combining fresh and reclaimed water for the rehabilitation of the Yarkon, building infrastructure to supply reclaimed water to a Green Ring (in development) at the heart of Gush Dan, restoration of urban gardening, agricultural restoration (tertiary quality) and construction of a central link in the inter-regional pipeline for streaming reclaimed water.

The “Yarkon Redemption B” added elements to the original Yarkon Redemption plan, in order to complete the processes of rehabilitating the ecosystem and providing water for further uses.

The plan includes:

The Nufarim Pool- to which Mekorot streams the Yarkon River’s allotment of water, and from which the river begins.

a. Streaming water of the required quality and quantity to the river’s channel, per the allotment of the Water Commissioner.
b. Preventing the pollution of water up the river.
c. Reclaiming the river’s water for agricultural uses, urban gardening or any other purpose, for pay by law.
d. Cleaning the river’s channel and rehabilitating its riverbanks.
e. Improving the quality of the effluents using a “Green Basins” system – a system like Green Basins is required as a buffer between sewage treatment facilities and the stream.

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