Community activity

The Yarkon River is a major center for leisure and outdoor recreation in the center of the country, in terms of area, attractiveness and accessibility.

The development and rehabilitation of the Yarkon River as an axis of recreation and leisure activities in nature, plays a key role in the quality of life of the population living along its banks, and of the Israeli population as a whole. The actions of the Yarkon River Authority for the rehabilitation and development of the river, even if for the ecosystem, also benefit the experience of visitors in the area and add attractions in the area.

The authority works to regulate the stream for the benefit of the general public, in actions such as: arranging walking and cycling paths, bridges over the stream, a map of trails for hikers, and more.

In addition, the River Authority, together with local authorities through which the Yarkon River passes, initiates community projects, some of which are singular and some long-term, in order to make the river accessible to the general public and encourage it to preserve the river for the benefit of all.

A number of “flagship projects” that the river authority has promoted together with the local authorities along the river:

  • Civic research on waste characterization: Throughout the year, residents collect data, monitor the area at predetermined locations along the creek, and analyze the findings during the process. Towards the end of the year of activity, courses of action are selected to improve the situation, depending on the research findings.
  • “Guardians of the River” course: a course taught to residents, youth and community activists. Two main objectives of the course: to become familiar with the adjacent stream resource and issues of environment and sustainability in the subject, and to lead to action to protect and enjoy the river.
  • Planting activities: Planting events as part of peak events, and projects of growing wetland vegetation typical of the Yarkon and returning it to the river sections.

Anyone interested in promoting joint activities is invited to contact the River Authority’s secretary.

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