Objectives and goals

The Yarkon River Authority is a statutory authority which was founded in 1990 following the Streams and Springs Authority Law (1965) and the Yarkon Stream Authority Order (1988).

The Authority is a syndicate of 18 public entities including 7 local authorities located along the stream, government offices and additional syndicates.

The Authority’s mission includes activity in the fields of preventing pollution, rehabilitating the stream and adapting it for recreation and leisure purposes. Since the authority began its activity, a significant improvement in the quality of the Yarkon’s water and its surroundings has been achieved. The efforts to rehabilitate and maintain the Yarkon River hold an important and central place in the Authority’s work.

The Authority regularly works to care for the channel and its riverbanks, rehabilitate flora and monitor the area for the good of local fauna, remove sediment and clean the channel and promote community activities for learning, enjoying and protecting the Yarkon area.

The Yarkon River Authority promotes development plans along the Yarkon, with an emphasis on ecological rehabilitation and regulation of public activity in the open areas along the stream. Additionally, the River Authority takes an active part in planning committees and is involved in promoted plans for the area in order to safeguard the environment and local civilians.

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